From my dad, I got thick thighs, dry wit, introversion and an anxiety disorder. From my mom I got autoimmune disease, many of my facial features and my compulsive need for order.


Let’s back up to the autoimmune disease.


My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and her brother has MS. Autoimmune diseases tend to be hereditary, often, a parent with one type of autoimmune disease will have a child with a different one.


So instead of getting my mom’s long, leggy body, I got fibromyalgia and IBS. YAY!


I often go to bed aching to the bone from pelvis to toes. I look forward to bed because at least the pain isn’t so bad as to prevent sleep – when it’s especially annoying, some ibuprofen usually does the trick. And then I wake up with prickly, achy feet and prickly hands. The pain of fibromyalgia is odd, and for me, not debilitating, but it is highly annoying and eats up a big chunk of the beginning and ends of most of my days.