Stochastic? Reluctant Gypsy? Noisy Introvert? What the what?
(wikipedia) Stochastic: adjective used to describe “systems whose behavior is intrinsically non-deterministic, sporadic, and categorically not intermittent (i.e. random). A stochastic process is one whose behavior is non-deterministic, in that a system’s subsequent state is determined both by the process’s predictable actions and by a random element.” That’s pretty much how I blog.

“Reluctant Gypsy” was coined in a Facebook conversation in 2012 soon after our family moved from Colorado to Vancouver, BC. Between the performers in our family and our somewhat nomadic nature, I often feel we are not unlike a gypsy caravan. However, there is a big part of me that desires homeostasis and a life completely removed from any spotlights – thus the “reluctant” part. I also often say I’m a “noisy introvert”, a term I discovered in this article. I’m definitely an introvert but I am NOT anti-social or shy. I do enjoy conversation – especially conversation that is clever, intelligent, substantive and/or funny. You might also have noticed by now that I overuse parentheticals, elipses, hyphens and make up words when it suits me. It’s probably not a good way to demonstrate my skill in writing and editing but this is a blog after all….

I have been married to David William Murray Fisher, actor and writer, since 1999. He manages to simultaneously infuriate and wow me, which I’m starting to think is one of the secrets to a happy marriage. The others are a really good sense of humour and a very short memory. I’ve discovered that being an actor’s life partner is extremely challenging for me but we work hard together to keep things strong.

I have 2 daughters – Shay’el was born in 2002 and Aliyah was born in 2005. They are amazing human beings, the kind of people I want to be when I grow up. Shay’el is sensitive and dramatic, extroverted, expressive, empathetic, gentle and passionate. Aliyah is rational, introverted, thoughtful, introspective, generous, courageous, kind and determined.

I’m certain that one of the most interesting stories of my life is that of my journey from zealous, pentecostal, republican, pastor/missionary to liberal agnostic secular humanist. I don’t talk about it very often …  because really, where would I even start? But maybe I’ll write a book someday….when everyone I knew then is dead.


I’m a freelance graphic artist and social media marketer and I geek out on sci-fi, steam punk, typography, colour, shapes and texture and enjoy making interesting things to look at and enjoy. This includes knitting and crochet, collage and other paper art, digital art, graphic design and layout and recycled art. Another passion is dance and had I the money, I would be in classes every day.

When I’m not dancing or making stuff, I like reading historical mysteries, listening to jazz, watching sci-fi and crime dramas, laughing with my husband, dancing with my girls and taking long bubble baths with a gin gimlet in hand.