I want ramen fo…

I want ramen for lunch. RAW-MAN. Make sure there’s a man in it. But no nose cuz I don’t like boogers. And no fingers or toes because the nails are gross. And maybe not the brain, or the blood. You know what, never mind, this isn’t going to work. I’ll just have ramen.



Fun fact about Aliyah (7). She cuddles with this teddy bear every night even though it’s rough and hard and creepy. He was David’s childhood stuffy and she has been in love with him for years. She also brings him to each grade for show and tell and without any shame shares his hideous face with the class. That’s love people.


I think it’s time to fix his face though so he looks less like Hannibal Lecter.

Prostitute? errr…Protestant

Long back story but last night, I ¬†clumsily attempted to explain¬†to the girls what a prostitute is. Aliyah piped up “(best friend) is a prostitute!” Wait…um….err…what?! Fortunately, it dawned on me pretty quickly what she was trying to say because I know her friend pretty well and had already made some assumptions about her family so I quickly corrected, “Oh, protestant, you mean she’s a protestant. Like, a type of Christian.” “Oh yeah, a protestant. That’s what I meant.” I didn’t want to make her feel bad so I refrained from ROARING but man it was hard. Definitely a classic “kid’s say…” moment. David had to go around the corner to laugh.