From my dad, I got thick thighs, dry wit, introversion and an anxiety disorder. From my mom I got autoimmune disease, many of my facial features and my compulsive need for order.


Let’s back up to the autoimmune disease.


My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and her brother has MS. Autoimmune diseases tend to be hereditary, often, a parent with one type of autoimmune disease will have a child with a different one.


So instead of getting my mom’s long, leggy body, I got fibromyalgia and IBS. YAY!


I often go to bed aching to the bone from pelvis to toes. I look forward to bed because at least the pain isn’t so bad as to prevent sleep – when it’s especially annoying, some ibuprofen usually does the trick. And then I wake up with prickly, achy feet and prickly hands. The pain of fibromyalgia is odd, and for me, not debilitating, but it is highly annoying and eats up a big chunk of the beginning and ends of most of my days.



I will forever adore Hermione

The Women of The Harry Potter Universe | Canonball.

“She doesn’t end up with the hero; she is not there to be Harry’s love interest. She is a total badass despite her prim & proper reputation. So often, female characters are allowed to be aggressive or rebellious, but in exchange are stripped of traditionally feminine qualities & are forced to pick up masculine traits. Hermione is never made to do that. She is written to be highly logical AND emotionally expressive, a combination not afforded to today’s leading ladies.”

I always loved Hermione for this reason. She is so much like me. I would read the books and watch the movies and repeatedly think, “That’s what I would do!” or “That’s how I would behave!” or “OMG she’s just like me!”. Even as an adult, I found renewed inspiration to be fully feminine and fully badass in a fictional teenage girl.

Don’t bite my head off

Since we introverts process internally, we can keep our feelings close to the vest and be hard to read. Then, when provoked, there’s a possibility we will unleash with a response that seems disproportionate to the situation (I speak from personal experience!). It’s healthy to have an outlet (family, friends, journals, etc) that gives us a safe space to process emotions externally… letting what’s happening inside OUT will help prevent implosion *and* explosion!


This happens to me less now that I know this about myself but it used to be (sadly) quite frequent.


As an alto sax player myself, I will admit I was quite tickled when Shayel decided she wanted to play the saxophone. I was also glad to hear there aren’t that many kids playing the sax – which surprised me, when I started it was the most popular instrument I think. In the words of her music instructor “she seems quite keen” (oh Canadians and their awesome words). I’m excited for her to dive into the world of music this year and find her place – wherever it might be. She’s also planning to do choir which I’m sure she will enjoy. She has a wonderful musical ear so it’s really just a matter of her discovering where she best expresses herself.

Are you f*ING kidding me?!

Yesterday Aliyah complained about a sore throat, this morning she has a full blown chest cold. Not even a week into school. Sigh. Aliyah’s chest colds are scary too, they tend to send her to the ER with breathing problems from so much coughing. Fingers crossed for a fast recovery. Poor lovey.

Clive Thompson on the Power of Introversion | Wired Magazine |

Yet this incessant teamwork isn’t useful. A mountain of studies has shown that face-to-face brainstorming and teamwork often lead to inferior decisionmaking. That’s because social dynamics lead groups astray; they coalesce around the loudest extrovert’s most confidently asserted idea, no matter how daft it might be.

What works better? “Virtual” collaboration—with team members cogitating on solutions alone, in private, before getting together to talk them over. As Cain discovered, researchers have found that groups working in this fashion generate better ideas and solve problems more adroitly. To really get the best out of people, have them work alone first, then network later.

Sounds like the way people collaborate on the Internet, doesn’t it?

Indeed it is—and as I’ve noticed, my introvert friends love it.

I hope all the attention introverts are getting will start to change the way students and employees are expected to work.

nerd mix

David and I created nerd playlists tonight…cuz…well…it's kind of self explanatory 😉

Here's mine, in no particular order

  1. Why Does the Sun Really Shine? – They Might Be Giants
  2. Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) – They Might Be Giants
  3. Big Bang Theory Theme – Barenaked Ladies
  4. Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (II): O Fortuna 
  5. Star Trek (Main Theme)
  6. Firefly Main Theme
  7. Star Wars Main Title
  8. Colonial Anthem – Theme from Battlestar Galactica
  9. Battlestar Galactica Main Title
  10. SG-1 Main Title
  11. Istanbul – They Might Be Giants
  12. Theme from "Greatest American Hero" (Believe It or Not)
  13. Batman: the Dark Knight
  14. Doctor Who Theme (TV Version)Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales
  15. The Doctor's Theme
  16. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc
  17. River's Dance, Firefly
  18. Torchwood Theme
  19. The X-Files
  20. Space Girl – The Imagined Village
  21. We Are the Champions – Jonathan Coulton
  22. De-Evolving – Jonathan Coulton
  23. The Princess Who Saved Herself – Jonathan Coulton
  24. The Presidents – Jonathan Coulton
  25. Code Monkey – Jonathan Coulton
  26. Skullcrusher Mountain – Jonathan Coulton
  27. Roy G. Biv – They Might Be Giants
  28. My Freeze Ray – Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long)
  29. Everyone's a Hero – Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long)
  30. The Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  31. Science Fiction / Double FeatureRocky Horror Picture Show
  32. The Bridge Of Khazad Dum – Lord of the Rings
  33. Concerning Hobbits – Lord of the Rings
  34. The Breaking of the Fellowship – Lord of the Rings