I think people aren’t reborn into the life cycle very often because they’re buried in coffins and their atoms get trapped. – Shayel (10)

Shayel’s thoughts on reincarnation. She believes reincarnation is the reintegration of our atoms into the life cycle and that while we’re not conscious of it, it’s an important part of the universe’s process. This is why she doesn’t want to be buried in a coffin or cremated.

Don’t bite my head off

Since we introverts process internally, we can keep our feelings close to the vest and be hard to read. Then, when provoked, there’s a possibility we will unleash with a response that seems disproportionate to the situation (I speak from personal experience!). It’s healthy to have an outlet (family, friends, journals, etc) that gives us a safe space to process emotions externally… letting what’s happening inside OUT will help prevent implosion *and* explosion!


This happens to me less now that I know this about myself but it used to be (sadly) quite frequent.

things said…

It really is the little things we say to one another that make us display the beauty of our humanity:

From a Holocaust survivor at the Synagogue where I work (who is mostly deaf and usually forgets why he's standing at my desk) – "you have beautiful blue eyes, they look just like my dear wife's" That almost made me cry.

From the B'nai Mitzvah Hebrew tutor at the Synagogue "do you dance, you have a dancer's body".

From another woman at the Synagogue "is that your husband? he's kind of a hottie" I know right?

From my little Aliyah bug today (paraphrase) "I'm happy that you are working, and the friends I'll meet at school, and my teacher, and my babysitter… but I can always get new teachers, and friends, and babysitters, but I can't get a new mom and dad so I miss you when you are gone."

Some of the most profound moments in my life have come from some small thing said to me that probably seemed insignificant to the person saying it. Always a good thing to keep in mind in my encounters with others.