The second best part of my day

ImageThe second best part of each school day for me (after the greetings I get from my girls at pick up) is the walk to school. Most school days, we pass the same people doing the same things.The family with the black lab who walks himself (holding his leash in his mouth), the kindergartener with Down’s Syndrome who always says “good morning” with a huge grin, the greyhound with the coat who gets walked by the school at the same time each morning by his human who looks eerily like him, the elderly Chinese man who does his morning walk around the school every day and greets us when we walk by, the middle aged dads with bed head, the grandmas with their housecoats and slippers and then all the effusive greetings from the girls’ classmates who know me from being around so much – “Good morning Shayel’s mom!” “Good morning Ms. Makeesha!” “Hiiiiiii!!!!!”. The wet pacific air, the familiar sidewalk cracks, the thump thump thump of the secondary school students doing their morning PE jog around the school, the crows, the beeping of the crosswalk, the endless hum of cars, the downtown skyline, the breathtaking view of the mountains…sometimes it’s good to stop and take it all in and experience a moment of unabashed gratitude.