I will forever adore Hermione

The Women of The Harry Potter Universe | Canonball.

“She doesn’t end up with the hero; she is not there to be Harry’s love interest. She is a total badass despite her prim & proper reputation. So often, female characters are allowed to be aggressive or rebellious, but in exchange are stripped of traditionally feminine qualities & are forced to pick up masculine traits. Hermione is never made to do that. She is written to be highly logical AND emotionally expressive, a combination not afforded to today’s leading ladies.”

I always loved Hermione for this reason. She is so much like me. I would read the books and watch the movies and repeatedly think, “That’s what I would do!” or “That’s how I would behave!” or “OMG she’s just like me!”. Even as an adult, I found renewed inspiration to be fully feminine and fully badass in a fictional teenage girl.

apparently asking questions is not missional

UPDATE: @vergeconference might have blocked people by accident (they switched something around). Hopefully this answers why many of us were blocked.


So, you know how I recently commented on my disappointment upon seeing the Verge2010 has only male speakers? I didn’t think I was mean. Apparently whoever is running the Verge twitter account doesn’t like questions because any of us who asked the question about the all male speaker lineup were banned from their twitter feed. Really? Is that what accounts for missional these days? I would email someone personally but there isn’t an email address on the website and I don’t want to bug my friends who are speakers because I know speakers at these things almost never have control over the actual event. And truthfully, I don’t care.

Now, just to show that I have some perspective, I greatly respect many of the men speaking at Verge. They have served me in my spiritual journey and as a missional community leader. And I have no doubt that the planners of Verge are great folk. So all I was asking is if they noticed that they only have males speaking. I also have no intention of spending my time bashing Verge or the speakers there. I know how that feels and I won’t do it to someone else. So I’ll drop it now but I just think this whole situation is unfortunate – STARTING with the planner’s choice (oversight?) to include only men as speakers.